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Adlon, Pamela, 1968- creator, screenwriter, director, producer, actor.
Berry, Mary, 1935- on-screen presenter.
Chulack, Christopher, director.
Varda, Agnès, 1928- film director.
Dale, Richard (Director), film director, screenwriter.
Gates, Henry Louis, Jr, television producer, screenwriter, host.
Lynch, David, 1946- director.
O'Donnell, Chris, actor.
Goodwin, Daisy.
Childs, Jamie.
Arnaud, François, 1985- actor.
Gansa, Alex.
Nyholm, Kristoffer, 1951-
Biel, Jessica, 1982-
McLachlan, Craig, 1965-
Hollander, David, 1968-
Fison, Peter.
Colt, Sarah.
Groves, Russell Wayne.
Aniello, Lucia.
Kimball, Christopher.
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